Red Circle Angling Club and Nature Reserve
Red Circle Angling Club and Nature Reserve



  • Membership shall be open to people regardless of age, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and disability. No member shall be discriminated against because of these factors.
  • Fishing is allowed from designated pegs only.
  • The Angling Closed Season (15 March to 15 June inclusive) must be observed.
  • No member may serve on the Red Circle Angling Club committee if he or she are committee members of any other Angling Society or Club.
  • Membership lapses on 8th June each year, but subscriptions are due not later than 1st June each year.
  • Members may apply to the Secretary for permission to take a guest.  This permission, if granted, is only applicable if the guest resides outside Leicestershire.  Permission must be obtained in writing and members are reminded that guest tickets can only be issued between 1st September and 15th March.  One ticket only per occasion will be issued and no member can apply for more than two tickets per season. 
  • A junior member is a member who has not reached the age of 17 at the 1st June in any year.
  • Juniors 16 and under must be accompanied and supervised by their parent/legal guardian at all times. 
  • Any member on production of his own permit may ask anyone else fishing for proof of membership.
  • No litter must be left behind.  It must be disposed of properly.  In particular, line is dangerous and is on no account to be discarded on the waters. Every member is responsible for the litter in their swim, whether left by them or not.
  • The lighting of fires is prohibited but camping stoves are allowed
  • It is preferred that keep nets are only used on match days, but the use of approved nets can be at the discretion of the committee or bailiffs. Fish over 5lb should not be kept in a keep net.
  • All nets and mats must be dipped before use.
  • Do not park vehicles so as to block access.
  • Membership cards should be carried at all times when fishing the Red Circle Angling Club waters.  Failure to do so will result in the person being asked to cease fishing and leave the water.  Members must be in possession of a current Environmental Agency Rod Licence and may be asked for it by bailiffs.
  • A photograph of each member must be affixed in the membership book.  If this is not done, the book will be treated as invalid and the person asked to cease fishing and leave the water.
  • At all times members should remember that they are representaitves of the Red Circle Angling Club and should behave as such whilst on the Red Circle Angling Club waters.  Any member bringing the club into disrepute or causing annoyance to other members is liable to have their membership withdrawn by the Committee.
  • Night fishing is allowed. Bivvies must be used so as to allow other anglers to pass.  Bivvies will be allowed on designated pegs only (10 to 18). Brollies with sides may be used on any peg provided access is not impeded. 
  • No bait boats.
  • No peanuts or tiger nuts are allowed. 
  • No floating bait is allowed.
  • Boilies are allowed as bait and with descression as feed. Bailiffs may challenge anyone they feel is over using any kind of bait, including boilies. Any abuse of these rules may result in disciplinary action being taken.
  • No fish should be taken away from the water under any circumstances. No fish will be killed. Anyone found doing this will have their memberships immediately cancelled and be reported to the Police and the Environment Agency.
  • Red Circle Angling Club operates a Zero Tolerance policy relating to aggression towards any member of the committee or other members.
  • Anyone found to be intoxicated with either alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the site and reported to the committee. This is a Health and Safety issue and as such may result in immediate expulsion from the club.
  • Only barbless hooks to be used failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken.
  • Only 2 rods allowed per person, irrespective of how many licences they have. 
  • Unattended rods must be out of the water and not baited. 
  • All Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. *Note we are a fishing club and Nature Reserve should any member wish to walk their dog please use one of Leicesters beautiful parks. Thank you.




Below is the guidance set out for match fishing.


  • Matches are to be held on designated match dates only.
  • Anglers will be asked to stop fishing from 06:00 on Sunday mornings and from 12:00 on Wednesday afternoons to facilitate matches. The Match lake will be closed until the match concludes. 
  • Entry fee is £20.00 per peg.
  • Any person wishing to organise a match other than designated matches i.e. for charity etc. can apply to the committee for permission and assistance
  • All matches are 'Open'.



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